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Short Papers

Paper ID Paper Title Author Names
10 Explicit Instance Ranking Based Multi-Instance Learning for Cost Effective Video Classification Hua Wang*, Univ. of Texas at Arlington; Feiping Nie, ; Heng Huang, University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
24 User-aware Image Tag Refinement via Ternary Analysis Jitao Sang, Chinese Academy of Science; Jing Liu, ; Changsheng Xu*, 
26 Kinship Verification from Facial Images Under Uncontrolled Conditions Jiwen Lu*, NTU; Junlin Hu, ; Xiuzhuang Zhou, CNU
27 SIFT Match Verification by Geometric Coding for Large Scale Image Search Wengang Zhou*, USTC; Houqiang Li, USTC; Yijuan Lu, USTC; Qi Tian, UTSA
28 Selecting the Best Faces to Index Presentation Videos Michele Merler*, Columbia University; John Kender, 
35 Robust Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Finger-Earth Mover's Distance with a Commodity Depth Camera Zhou Ren*, Nanyang Technological Univ.; Junsong Yuan, NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY; Zhengyou Zhang, Microsoft Corp.
38 Video Anatomy – Cutting Video Volume for Summary Hongyuan Cai*, IUPUI; Jiang Yu Zheng, IUPUI
41 Edge-Preserving Single Image Super-Resolution Qiang Zhou, SIAT,CAS,P.R.China; Shifeng CHEN*, SIAT, CAS ; Jianzhuang Liu, ; Xiaoou Tang, 
61 2D Geon Based Generic Object Recognition Xiangqian Yu*, New Jersey Institute of Tech; Vincent Oria, New Jersey Institute of Tech; Pierre Gouton, Universite de Bourgogne; Genevieve Jomier, Universite de Paris-Dauphine
63 Static and Dynamic Video Summaries Yingbo Li*, EURECOM; Bernard Merialdo, EURECOM; Mickael Rouvier, University of Avignon; Georges Linares, University of Avignon
64 Purposive Hidden-Object-Game: Embedding Human Computation in Popular Game Yuzhao Ni, ; Jian Dong, ; Jiashi Feng*, NUS; Shuicheng Yan, NUS
68 Real-time Human Action Search using Random Forest based Hough Voting Gang YU*, NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV; Junsong Yuan, NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY; zicheng Liu, Microsoft 
87 Image Annotation by Composite Kernel Learning with Group Structure Yueting Zhuang, ; Ying Yuan*, ZheJiang University; Fei Wu, 
93 Learning to Produce 3D Media from a Captured 2D Video Minwoo Park*, Kodak.com; Jiebo Luo, Kodak; Majid Rabbani, Eastman KODAK; Andrew Gallagher, Eastman KODAK
103 PortVilio: Predictive Workload Portfolio Management for Video-on-Demand Servers Di Niu*, University of Toronto; Hong Xu, University of Toronto; Baochun Li, University of Toronto; Shuqiao Zhao, UUSee, Inc.
105 Avatar Personalization and Augmentation: Prominent Structure Analysis of 3D Morphable Models Peng Wang*, Intel Labs China
106 Saliency-based Image Retargeting in Compressed Domain Yuming Fang*, Nanyang Technological Universi; Zhenzhong Chen, NTU; Weisi Lin, ; Chia-Wen Lin, National Tsing Hua University
118 Resource Allocation for Cloud-based Free Viewpoint Video on Mobile Phone Dan Miao*, USTC; Wenwu Zhu, Microsoft Research Asia; Chang Wen Chen, SUNY at Buffalo
122 Known-Item Video Search via Query-to-Modality Mapping Kong Wah  Wan, ; Yan-tao Zheng*, ;  Chaisorn  Lekha, 
139 Context-based Friend Suggestion in Online Photo Sharing Community Ting Yao, City University of Hong Kong; Chong Wah Ngo, City University of Hong Kong; Tao Mei*, Microsoft
145 Geo-Localization of Street Views with Aerial Image Databases Mayank Bansal*, SRI International Sarnoff; Harpreet Sawhney, SRI International Sarnoff; Hui Cheng, SRI International Sarnoff; Kostas Daniilidis, University of Pennsylvania
154 Semi-Supervised Face Image Retrieval Using Sparse Coding with Identity Constraint Bor-Chun Chen*, National Taiwan University; Yin-Hsi Kuo, ; Yan-Ying Chen, ; Kuan-Yu Chu, ; Winston Hsu, National Taiwan U
159 Preference-Aware View Recommendation System for Cameras based on Bag of Aesthetics-Preserving Features Hsiao-Hang Su*, National Taiwan University; Tse-Wei Chen, National Taiwan University; Chieh-Chi Kao, National Taiwan University; Winston Hsu, National Taiwan U; Shao-Yi Chien, National Taiwan University
163 Consensus-based Cross-correlation Florian Schweiger*, TU Muenchen; Georg Schroth, TU Muenchen; Michael Eichhorn, TU Muenchen; Eckehard Steinbach, "Munich University of Technology, Germany"; Michael Fahrmair, 
167 Automatic Motion-Guided Video Stylization and Personalization Chen Cao, ; Shifeng CHEN*, SIAT, CAS ; Xiaoou Tang, 
180 VASTMM-TAG: A SEMANTIC TAGGING BROWSER FOR UNSTRUCTURED VIDEOS  Mitchell Morris*, Columbia Univesity; John Kender, 
181 Clothes Search in Consumer Photos via Color Matching and Attribute Learning Xianwang Wang*, Hewlett-Packard Labs; Tong Zhang, Hewlett-Packard Labs
192 Content-aware Photo-on-photo Composition For Consumer Photos Aibo Tian*, University of Texas at Austin; Xuemei Zhang, ; Daniel Tretter, HP Labs
199 Hypergraph Spectral Hashing for Similarity Search of Social Image Yueting Zhuang, Zhejiang University; Yang Liu*, Zhejiang Uinversity; Fei Wu, Zhejiang University; Jian Shao, Zhejiang University; Yin Zhang, Zhejiang University
203 A Real-time Bimanual 3D Interaction Method Based on Bare-hand Tracking Junhao Shi*, Zhejiang University
204 Fast Detection of Noisy GPS and Magnetometer Tags in Wide-Baseline Multi-Views Aveek Brahmachari*, USF; Sudeep Sarkar, USF
206 Level Influence of Spatial Pyramid Matching in Object Classification Renzhong Wei, Fudan University; Hong Lu*, Fudan University; Yanran Shen, Fudan University; Xiangyang Xue, Fudan University
208 Ensemble Approach based on Conditional Random Field for Multi-Label Image and video Annotation Xin-Shun Xu*, Nanjing University
209 Ensemble Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning Approach for Video Annotation Task Xin-Shun Xu*, Nanjing University
212 Refining Local Descriptors by Embedding Semantic Information for Visual Categorization Yingbin Zheng, Fudan University; Renzhong Wei, Fudan University; Hong Lu*, Fudan University
216 Mining Concept Relationship in Temporal Context for Effective Video Annotation Jian Yi, PKU; Yuxin Peng*, Peking University
218 Nonparametric Bottom-Up Saliency Detection Using Hypercomplex Spectral Contrast Ce Li*, Xi'an jiaotong University
232 Common Visual Pattern Discovery via Graph Matching Hongtao Xie*, ICT; Ke Gao, ; Yongdong Zhang, ; Jintao Li, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
239 Towards Content-based Audio Fragment Authentication Wei Li*, Fudan University,China
247 Profiling Skype Video Calls: Rate control and Video quality Xinggong Zhang*, Peking University; Hao Hu, Polytechnic University; Yang Xu, ; Yong Liu, Polytechnic University; Zongming Guo, Peking University; Yao Wang, Polytechnic University
256 Combining Image and Text Features: A Hybrid Approach to Mobile Book Spine Recognition Sam Tsai*, Stanford University; David Chen, Stanford University; Huizhong Chen, Stanford University; Cheng-Hsin Hsu, Deutsche Telekom R&D Lab USA; Kyu-han Kim, ; Jatinder Singh, Deutsche Telekom; Bernd Girod, Stanford University
266 Video-to-Shot Tag Allocation by Weighted Sparse Group Lasso Xiaofeng ZHU, University of Queensland; Helen Huang, ; Heng Tao Shen*, "The University of Queensland, Australia"
268 Fast Frame-rate Up-conversion of Depth Video via Video Coding Li Yanjie*, Tsinghua University; Sun Lifeng, Tsinghua University
269 Multiclass object detection by combining local appearances and context LiMin Wang*, Nanjing University; Yirui Wu, Nanjing University; Tong Lu, Nanjing University; Kang Chen, 
281 Environmental Sound Classification for Scene Recognition Using Local Discriminant Bases and HMM Feng Su*, Nanjing University; Li Yang, Nanjing University; Tong Lu, Nanjing University; Gongyou Wang, Nanjing University
283 Example-based Human Motion Extrapolation Based on Manifold Learning Nick Tang*, Academia Sinica
284 Manifold Ordinal Regression for Image Ranking Yang Liu*, The HK Polytechnic University; Yan LIU, HK Polytechnic University; Shenghua ZHONG, HK Polytechnic University; Keith C.C. Chan, The HK Polytechnic University
285 Shared Feature Extraction for Semi-supervised Image Classification Luo Yong*, Peking University; Dacheng Tao, ; Bo Geng, Peking University; Xu  Chao, 
288 Difficulty Guided Image Retrieval using Linear Multiview Embedding Li Yangxi*, Peking university; Bo Geng, Peking University; Dacheng Tao, ; zheng-Jun Zha, ; Xu  Chao, 
295 Transfer Tagging from Image to Video Yang Yang, The University of Queensland; Yi Yang, The University of Queensland; Helen Huang, ; Heng Tao Shen*, "The University of Queensland, Australia"
298 snap&play: auto-generate personalized find-the-difference mobile game Si Liu*, Chinese academy of science; Qiang Chen, National University of Singapo; Jian Dong, ; Shuicheng Yan, NUS; Hanqing Lu, ; Changsheng Xu, 
303 Detection and Location of Near-Duplicate Video Sub-Clips by Finding Dense Subgraphs Tianlong Chen*, Chinese academy of sciences; Shuqiang Jiang, ICT, CAS; lingyang Chu, ; Qingming Huang, 
304 Blurred Image Region Detection and Classification Bolan Su*, National University of Singapo; Shijian Lu, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore; Chew Lim Tan, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
314 Human group activity analysis with fusion of motion and appearance context information Zhongwei Cheng*, GUCAS; Lei Qin, ICT; Qingming Huang, 
316 Modeling Motion Visual Perception for Video Quality Assessment Junyong You*, NTNU; Touradj Ebrahimi, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne; Andrew Perkis, NTNU
320 Multiple Object Localization by Context-aware Adaptive Window Search and Search-based Object Recognition Fang-Erh Lin*, National Taiwan University; Yin-Hsi Kuo, ; Winston Hsu, National Taiwan U
321 Next Photo Please: Towards Visually Consistent Sequential Photo Browsing Dong Liu*, Harbin Institute of Technolog; Shuicheng Yan, NUS; Zhang Hong-Jiang, 
326 QUERY EXPANSION BY SPATIAL CO-OCCURRENCE FOR IMAGE RETRIEVAL Yingfei Li*, PKU; Bo Geng, Peking University; zheng-Jun Zha, ; Li Yangxi, Peking university; Dacheng Tao, ; Xu  Chao, 
327 Energy-aware Complexity Adaptation for Mobile Video Calls Haiyang Ma*, National Univ. of Singapopre; Deepak Gangadharan, National University of Singapore; Roger Zimmermann, National University of Singapore
328 Keyframe Presentation for Browsing of User-generated Videos on Map Interfaces Jia Hao*, NUS; Guanfeng Wang, ; Beomjoo Seo, ; Roger Zimmermann, National University of Singapore
331 Bottom-up Saliency based on Weighted Sparse Coding Residual Biao Han*, Shanghai University; Hao Zhu, Beijing Normal University
346 A Biologically Inspired Computational Model for Image Saliency Detection  Sheng He*, Northwest Polytechnical Univer; Junwei Han, NWPU; Xintao Hu, ; Ming Xu, Nwpu; Lei Guo, ; Tianming Liu, 
347 Prefetching Strategy in Peer-assisted Social Video Streaming Zhi Wang*, Tsinghua University; Lifeng Sun, ; Shiqiang Yang, 
350 Multimodal QoE Evaluation in P2P-based IPTV Systems Mu Mu*, Lancaster University; Johnathan Ishmael, Lancaster University; Keith Mitchell, Lancaster University; Nicholas Race, Lancaster University
359 Distributed Video Coding with Compressive Measurements Hsiao-Yun Tseng*, National Taiwan University; Yun Chung Shen, National Taiwan University; Ja-Ling Wu, National Taiwan University
366 Personalized Portraits Ranking Lei Huang*, ICT,CAS; Tian Xia, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ji Wan, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yongdong Zhang, ; Shouxun Lin, 
370 Up-Fusion: An Evolving Multimedia Decision Fusion Method Xiangyu Wang*, NUS; Yong Rui, Microsoft Asia; Mohan Kankanhalli, NUS
375 Interactive Digital Scrapbook Generation for Travel Photos Based on Design Principles of Typography Jung-Yu Yeh, National Taiwan University; Min-Chun Hu*, National Taiwan University; Wen-Huang Cheng, Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI), Academia Sinica; Ja-Ling Wu, National Taiwan University
381 Knowledge Propagation In Large Image Databases Using Neighborhood Information Michael Houle, National Institute of Informatics; Vincent Oria, New Jersey Institute of Tech; Shinichi Satoh, NII; Jichao Sun*, NJIT
383 Extracting Key Frames from Consumer Videos Using Bi-layer Group Sparsity Zheshen Wang*, Arizona State University; mrityunjay Kumar, Kodak Research Laboratories; Jiebo Luo, Kodak; Baoxin Li, Arizona State University
385 Dual-sensor fusion for indoor user localisation Milan Redzic*, Dublin City University; Conor Brennan, Dublin City University; Noel E. O'Connor, Dublin City University
386 Exploring Latent Class Information for Image Retrieval  using the Bag-of-Feature Model Lingqiao Liu*, Australian National University; Lei Wang, University of Wollongong
387 Automatic Object Segmentation from Large Scale 3D Urban Point Clouds through Manifold Embedded Mode Seeking Zhiding Yu*, HKUST; Chunjing Xu, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Jianzhuang Liu, 
388 High-Efficient Software Parallel CAVLC Encoder Based on Programmable Stream Processor Huayou Su*, NUDT
389 EXPANDING THE POINT — AUTOMATIC ENLARGEMENT OF PRESENTATION VIDEO ELEMENTS  Qiyam Tung*, University of Arizona; Ranjini Swaminathan, University of Arizona; Alon Efrat, University of Arizona; Kobus Barnard, University of Arizona
395 Unsupervised Fast Anomaly Detection in Crowds Sun Xiaoshuai*, Harbin Institute of Technology; Hongxun Yao, Harbin Institute of Technology; Rongrong Ji, Columbia University; Xianming Liu, Harbin Institute of Technology; Pengfei Xu, Harbin Institute of Technology
398 Video Indexing and Recommendation Based on Affective Analysis of Viewers Zhao Sicheng*, Harbin Institute of Technology; Hongxun Yao, Harbin Institute of Technology; Sun Xiaoshuai, Harbin Institute of Technology; Pengfei Xu, Harbin Institute of Technology; Rongrong Ji, Columbia University; Xianming Liu, Harbin Institute of Technology
400 A Fast MAP Adaptation Technique for GMM-supervector-based Video Semantic Indexing Systems Nakamasa Inoue*, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Koichi Shinoda, Tokyo Institute of Technology
401 Detecting and Identifying People in Mobile Videos Xunyi Yu*, Umass Amherst; Aura Ganz, 
406 Beyond Bag-of-Visual Words: Soft Bag-of-Visual Phrase for Landmark Recognition Chen Tao*, Nanyang Technological U.
408 Social Image Tag Recommendation by Concept Matching Aixin Sun*, Nanyang Technological University; Sourav Bhowmick, Nanyang Technological University 
410 Eventscapes: Visualizing events over time with emotive facets Brett Adams*, Curtin University; Dinh Phung, Curtin University; Svetha Venkatesh, Curtin University
412 On the Pooling of Positive Examples with Ontology for Visual Concept Learning Shiai Zhu*, City University of Hong Kong; Chong Wah Ngo, City University of Hong Kong; Yu-Gang Jiang, Columbia University
415 Combining Latent Semantic Learning and Reduced Hypergraph Learning for Semi-Supervised Image Categorization Zhiwu Lu, Peking University; Yuxin Peng*, Peking University
418 APRICOD: Access Pattern-Driven Content Discovery System for Nonlinear Media Access Zhen Wei Zhao*, NUS; Wei Tsang Ooi, 
419 Compositional object pattern: a new model for album event recognition Shen-Fu Tsai*, UIUC; liangliang Cao, ; Feng Tang, HP Labs.; Thomas Huang, 
431 Document Dependent Fusion in Multimodal Music Retrieval Zhonghua Li*, NUS; Bingjun Zhang, ; Ye Wang, National University of Singapore
447 Spatial Pooling For Transformation Invariant Image Representation Xia Li*, UTSA; Yan Song, Univ of Sci. and Tech of China; Yijuan Lu, Texas State University; Qi Tian, UTSA
448 Multi-Feature pLSA for Combining Visual Features in Image Annotation Rui Zhang*, Ryerson Multimedia Laboratory; Lei Zhang, Microsoft Research Asia; Xin-Jing Wang, Microsoft Research Asia; ling Guan, Ryerson University
453 Optimal Batch Selection for Active Learning in Multi-label Classification Shayok Chakraborty*, Arizona State University; Vineeth Balasubramanian, ; Sethuraman Panchanathan, Arizona State University
457 Tag-Based Social Image Search with Visual-Text Joint Hypergraph Learning Yue Gao*, Tsinghua University; Meng Wang, ; Jialie Shen, "Singapore Management University, Singapore"; Dacheng Tao, ; Qionghai Dai, 
459 Analysis of Cypriot Icon Faces using ICA Enhanced Active Shape Model Representation  GUIFANG DUAN*, Ritsumeikan Univ.; Neela Sawant, Pennsylvania State University; James Wang, Penn State U; Dean Snow, The Pennsylvania State University; Dani Ai, Ritsumeikan University; Yen-Wei Chen, Ritsumeikan University
475 Integrating Rich Information for Video Recommendation with Multi-Task Rank Aggregation Xiaojian ZHAO*, NUS; Guangda LI, ; Meng Wang, ; zheng-Jun Zha, ; Jin Yuan, National University of Singapo; Zhoujun LI, ; Tat-Seng Chua, National Univ of Singapore
477 Extracting Intentionally Captured Regions Using Point Trajectories  Yuta Nakashima*, Osaka University; Noboru Babaguchi, Osaka University
487 Exploring Self-Similarity of Bag-of-Features for Image Classification Chih-Fan Chen, Academia Sinica,; Yu-Chiang Frank Wang*, Academia Sinica
488 Detection of Pornographic Content in Internet Images Srinivasan Sengamedu*, yahoo! Labs India; Subhajit Sanyal, Yahoo! Labs, India
499 Finding Representative and Diverse Community Contributed Images to Create Visual Summaries of Geographic Areas Stevan Rudinac*, Delft University of Technology; Alan Hanjalic, TU Delft; Martha Larson, Delft University of Technology
501 Flower Power Gianluca Monaci*, Philips Research; Tommaso Gritti, Philips Research; Fabio Vignoli, Philips Retail Solutions; Wouter Walmink, studio:ludens; Maarten Hendriks, Little Mountain
505 High Efficient Distributed Video Coding with Parallelized Design for Cloud Computing  Han-Ping Cheng, National Taiwan University; Yun Chung Shen*, National Taiwan University; Ja-Ling Wu, National Taiwan University; Kiyoharu Aizawa, The University of Tokyo
507 Real-time Decoding for LDPC Based Distributed Video Coding Tse-Chung Su*, National Taiwan University; Yun Chung Shen, National Taiwan University; Ja-Ling Wu, National Taiwan University
511 CuteChat: A lightweight tele-immersive video chat system Jiangbo Lu*, Advanced Digital Sciences Cent; Viet Anh Nguyen, ; Zeping Niu, ; Bhavdeep Singh, ; Zhiping Luo, ; Minh Do, 
521 ImagiLight: an intuitive, scalable framework for lighting scene setting Tommaso Gritti*, Philips Research; Gianluca Monaci, Philips Research
523 Towards Understanding User Tolerance to Network Latency in Zoomable Video Streaming Quang Minh Khiem Ngo*, NUS; Wei Tsang Ooi, 
527 A New Analysis Method for Paired Comparison and Its Application to 3D Quality Assessment Jong-Seok Lee*, EPFL; Lutz Goldmann, EPFL; Touradj Ebrahimi, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
529 Music Visualization: predicting the perceived speed of a composition Anastasia Gumulia*, NTT; Naoko Kosugi, NTT Communication Science Laboratorie; Bartlomiej Puzon, NTT Communication Science Laboratorie
538 LEARNING “VERB-OBJECT” CONCEPT FOR SEMANTIC IMAGE ANNOTATION Xinming Zhang*, CASIA; Xinming Zhang Zhang, CASIA; Zheng-jun Zha, ; Yifan Zhang, CASIA; Changsheng Xu, 
545 Automatic Image Annotation with Weakly Labeled Dataset Wei Zhang*, Fudan university
547 Perceptual Coding of Recorded Telemanipulation Sessions Fernanda Brandi*, Technische Universität München; Eckehard Steinbach, "Munich University of Technology, Germany"
553 Entertaining Each Other from a Distance: Orchestrating Video Communication and Play Marian Ursu, Goldsmiths College; Pedro Torres*, Goldsmiths College; Michael Frantzis, ; Vilmos Zsombori, Goldsmiths College; Rene Kaiser, JOANNEUM RESEARCH
559 A Creation-Tool for Contemporary Dance using Multimodal Video Annotation Diogo Cabral*, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; João Valente, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; João Silva, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; urândia Aragão, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Carla Fernandes, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Nuno Correia, 
575 Robust Image Registration and Tampering Localization Exploiting Bag of Features Based Forensic Signature Sebastiano Battiato, University of Catania; Giovanni Farinella*, University of Catania; Enrico Messina, University of Catania; Giovanni Puglisi, University of Catania
576 A real-time database architecture for motion capture data Wang Pengjie, ; Rynson Lau, City University of Hong Kong; Zhang Mingmin*, State Key lab of CAG & CG, Zhe; Wang Jiang, ; Song Haiyu, 
579 Efficient Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search with Integrated Binary Codes Wei Zhang*, ICT,CAS,China
580 Non-rigid 3D Model Retrieval Using Multi-Scale Local Features Pengjie Li*, Beijing University of Posts an; Ma Huadong, ; anlong Ming, 
581 A Novel Method for Semantic Video Concept learning using Web Images  Yongqing Sun*, NTT; Akira Kojima, NTT Corporation
584 Marginals-based Visual Alphabets for Local Image Descriptors Aggregation Miriam Redi*, Eurecom; Bernard Merialdo, 
587 Content Quality Based Image Retrieval With Multiple Instance Boost Ranking Peng Yang*, Rutgers University
590 Accurate Pedestrian Detection with Geometric Context from a Single Image Junqiang Wang*, BUPT; Ma Huadong, ; anlong Ming, 
591 Sharing rectangular objects in a video conference Senthil Kumar*, Alcatel-Lucent; Sreedal Menon, Alcatel-Lucent; Francis Zane, Alcatel-Lucent
599 Biased Metric Learning for Person-Independent Head Pose Estimation Hao Ji*, Cmu
604 Recognizing Clothes Patterns for Blind People by Confidence Margin based Feature Combination Xiaodong Yang*, The City College of New Yrok; Shuai Yuan, ; YingLi Tian, 
613 Modeling Multimedia Contents through Probabilistic Feature Signatures Christian Beecks*, RWTH Aachen University; Anca Ivanescu, RWTH Aachen University; Steffen Kirchhoff, RWTH Aachen University; Thomas Seidl, RWTH Aachen University
638 Quantifying Human Reconstruction Accuracy for Voxel Carving in a Sporting Environment David Monaghan*, Dublin City University; Philip Kelly, Dublin City University; Noel O'Connor, CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies
640 Cap detection for moving people in entrance surveillance Rui Min*, EURECOM; Jean-Luc Dugelay, EURECOM
646 Detecting Motion Synchrony by Video Tubes Ying Zheng*, DUKE UNIVERSITY; Steve Gu, Duke University; Carlo Tomasi, Duke University
648 Time-aware Co-Training for Indoors Localization in Visual Lifelogs Vladislavs Dovgalecs*, University of Bordeaux, France; Rémi Mégret, IMS Lab, University of Bordeau; Yannick Berthoumieu, University of Bordeaux, France
659 Automatic Modeling of Personality States in Small Group Interactions Bruno  Lepri  *, FBK; Jacopo Staiano, ; Ramanathan Subramanian, University of Trento; Nicu Sebe, ; Fabio Pianesi, 
668 Automatic Sentence Generation from Images Yoshitaka Ushiku*, University of Tokyo; Tatsuya Harada, The Univ. of Tokyo; Yasuo Kuniyoshi, University of Tokyo
683 A Multi-layer Hybrid Framework for Dimensional Emotion Classification Michael (Mihalis) Nicolaou*, Imperial College London, Depar; Hatice  Gunes, Imperial College London; Maja Pantic, Imperial College London
696 Socially Relevant Simulation Games: A Design Study Ramin Tadayon*, Arizona State University; Ashish Amresh, ; Winslow Burleson, 
719 Automatic Image Tagging through Information Propagation in a Query Log Based Graph Structure Teresa Bracamonte*, University of Chile, Computer Science Department; Barbara Poblete, University of Chile, Computer Science Department
720 Location-aware System based on a Dynamic 3D Model to Help in Live Broadcasting of Sport Events Roberto Yus*, University of Zaragoza; Eduardo Mena, University of Zaragoza; Jorge Bernad, University of Zaragoza; Sergio Ilarri, University of Zaragoza; Arantza Illarramendi, Basque Country University
722 Quality of Experience evaluation of Voice Communication Systems using Affect-based approach Abhishek Bhattacharya*, Florida Intl Univ; Zhenyu Yang, FIU; Wanmin Wu, 
743 Bag of colors for improved image search Christian Wengert, Kooaba; Matthijs Douze, INRIA; Hervé Jégou*, INRIA
745 Asymmetric Hamming Embedding Mihir Jain, INRIA; Hervé Jégou*, INRIA; Patrick Gros, INRIA
749 Identifying Authoritative Sources of Multimedia Content Lyndon  Kennedy*, Yahoo! Research; Malcolm Slaney, Yahoo
765 Audio-Visual Fusion Using Bayesian Model Combination for Web Video Retrieval Vasant Manohar*, Raytheon BBN Technologies; Stavros Tsakalidis, Raytheon BBN Technologies; Pradeep Natarajan, Raytheon BBN Technologies; Rohit Prasad, Raytheon BBN Technologies; Prem Natarajan, Raytheon BBN Technologies
767 Clustering Geo-Tagged Digital Photos Using Dynamic Programming  Matthew Cooper *, FX Palo Alto Labs
778 Real-Time 3D Interaction with Deformable Model  on Mobile Devices Ziying Tang*, UT-Dallas; Orkun Özbek, Tufts University; Xiaohu Guo, UT-Dallas
783 Searching for Images by Video Linjun Yang*, Microsoft Research Asia; Yang Cai, Zhejiang University; Alan Hanjalic, TU Delft; Xian-Sheng Hua, Microsoft; Shipeng Li, Microsoft Research Asia
793 A Tool for Authoring Unambiguous Links from Printed Content to Digital Media Andreas Girgensohn*, FX Palo Alto Laboratory; Lynn Wilcox, FX PAL; Frank Shipman, Texas A&M University; Qiong Liu, FX Palo Alto Laboratory; Chunyuan Liao, FXPAL; Yuichi Oneda, Fuji Xerox
795 Transforming Clinical Rehabilitation Techniques into Interactive Media Catherine Vuong*, Arizona State University; Todd Ingalls, Arizona State University; James Abbas, Arizona State University
799 Mixing remote locations using shared screen as virtual stage Shingo Uchihashi*, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.; Tsutomu Tanzawa, University of Yamanashi
802 A Mobile Interactive Robot for Gathering Structured Social Video Alexander Reben*, MIT Media Lab; Joseph Paradiso, MIT Media Lab
816 Signature-Image-Based Event Analysis for Personal Photo Albums Minh-Son DAO*, University of Trento, Italy; Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, DISI - University of Trento, Italy; Francesco De Natale, 
823 Leveraging Collective Wisdom for Web Video Retrieval through Heterogeneous Community Discovery Lin Pang*, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Juan Cao, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yongdong Zhang, ; Shouxun Lin, 
842  Fusing object detection and region appearance for image-text alignment Luca Del Pero*, University of Arizona; Philip Lee, University of Arizona; James Magahern, University of Arizona; Emily Hartley, University of Arizona; Ping Wang, ObjectVideo Inc.; Atul Kahanaujia, ObjectVideo; Niels Haering, ObjectVideo Inc.; Kobus Barnard, University of Arizona
848 Efficient Multi-modal Retrieval in Conceptual Space Jun Imura*, University of Tokyo; Teppei Fujisawa, University of Tokyo; Tatsuya Harada, The Univ. of Tokyo; Yasuo Kuniyoshi, University of Tokyo
852 PhotoFeel: Feeling Your Photo Collection by Graph-based Audiovisual Flocking Simulation  Cheng-Te Li*, National Taiwan University; Hsieh Hsun-Ping, 
857 Prototype-based Image Search Reranking Linjun Yang*, Microsoft Research Asia; Alan Hanjalic, TU Delft
860 Spatially-coherent Pyramid Matching Based on Max-pooling Xiangang Cheng*, Nanyang Tech.l Univ.; Liang-Tien Chia, 
863 Digitized Comic Search System with Automatic Preview Generation of Comic Episodes Keiichiro Hoashi*, KDDI R&D Laboratories; Chihiro Ono, KDDI R&D Laboratories; Daisuke Ishii, Waseda University; hiroshi Watanabe, Waseda University
898 Capture and Display for Live Immersive 3D Entertainment Harlyn Baker*, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories; Nelson Chang, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories; Arun Paruchuri, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories; Zeyu Li, Univeristy of California,Berkeley
902 Measuring The Latency of Cloud Gaming Systems Kuan-Ta Chen*, Academia Sinica; Yu-Chun Chang, National Taiwan University ; Po-Han Tseng, Academia Sinica; Chun-Ying Huang, National Taiwan Ocean University; Chin-Laung Lei, National Taiwan University
914 Hybrid Image Summarization Jingdong Wang*, Microsoft Research Asia; Xian-Sheng Hua, Microsoft
916 Crowdsourcing Visual Detectors for Video Search Bauke Freiburg, ; Jaap Kamps, ; Cees Snoek*, University of Amsterdam
917 Key Object-based Static Video Summarization Zhiqiang Tian*, Xi'an JiaoTong university
919 Unsupervised Face Re-Ranking By Mining the Web and Video Archives Duy-Dinh Le*, NII; Shinichi Satoh, NII
923 Multimodal Fusion for Video Copy Detection Xavier Anguera Miro*, Telefonica I+D; Juan Manuel Barrios, University of Chile; Tomasz Adamek, TID; Nuria Oliver, "Telefonica, Spain"
927 Structure Tensor Series-based Matching for Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval Xiangmin Zhou*, CSIRO; Lei Chen, ; Xiaofang Zhou, University of Queensland
928 Abstract Rendering of Human Activity in a Dynamic Distributed Learning Environment Andreea Danielescu*, Arizona State University; Ryan Spicer, Arizona State University; David Tinapple, Arizona State University; Aisling Kelliher, Arizona State University; Sean Burdick, ; Shawn  Nikkila, Arizona State University
933 Recognizing Interaction Between Human Performers Using 'Key Pose Doublet' Snehasis Mukherjee*, Indian Statistical Institute; Sujoy Kumar Biswas, Indian Statistical Institute; Dipti Prasad Mukherjee, Indian Statistical Institute
944 Semantic Point Detector Kuiyuan Yang*, University of Science and Tech; Lei Zhang, Microsoft Research Asia; Meng Wang, ; Zhang Hong-Jiang, 
957 Enriching and Localizing Semantic Tags in Internet Videos Lamberto Ballan, Università di Firenze - MICC; Marco Bertini*, ; Alberto Del Bimbo, Università di Firenze - MICC; Giuseppe Serra, Università di Firenze - MICC
960 Effective Summarization of Large-Scale Web Images Chunlei Yang*, UNCC
968 Scene Segmentation of Wedding Party Videos by Scenario-based Matching with Example Videos Kazuki Sawai, Nagoya University; Tomoakzu Takahashi*, Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University; Daisuke Deguchi, Nagoya University; Ichiro IDE, ; Hiroshi Murase, Nagoya University
979 Once Upon a Time, I Bought a Movie and it Played Everywhere in My Home Dulce Ponceleon*, IBM Almaden; Jay Geagan, IBM Almaden Research
983 A Smart Video Player with Content-Based Fast-Forward Playback Junfeng Jiang*, Ryerson University; Xiao-Ping Zhang, Ryerson University
986 Text and Image Subject Classifiers: Dense Works Better Daan Vreeswijk*, Universiteit van Amsterdam; Bouke Huurnink, University of Amsterdam; Arnold Smeulders, University of Amsterdam
993 Blind navigation with a wearable range camera and vibrotactile helmet Steve Mann*, University of Toronto; Ryan Janzen, University of Toronto
995 ``WaterTouch'': An aquatic interactive multimedia Sensory Table based on total internal reflection in water Steve Mann*, University of Toronto; Ryan Janzen, University of Toronto
1003 Automatic Concept-to-Query Mapping  for Web-based Concept Detector Training Damian Borth*, University of Kaiserslautern; Adrian Ulges, DFKI (Germany); Thomas Breuel, 

ACM Multimedia 2011

Nov 28th - Dec 1st, 2011 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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