MM'11 adopts an "all-in-one" registration fee, which will cover your attendance to all MM'11 events, including all tutorials and workshops. Note that each accepted/invited conference or workshop paper, poster, or demo must have at least one author registered by the author registration deadline as "non-student", for the paper to be included in the final conference program and the proceedings. The author registration deadline is September 15th, 2011. If you are an author of multiple MM'11 papers, as an "author registrant", you can cover more than one of your papers with your registration. While the base author registration fee covers the registration requirement for the first paper, for each additional paper that you register under your name, you will be charged an additional $350 (except for additional Doctoral Symposium Posters) to cover the fixed organizational costs.

The registration weblink:

ACM Multimedia 2011

Nov 28th - Dec 1st, 2011 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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